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Over 60,000 unopened, expired and non-expired medical products
100+ OEMs available at 50%-90% below MSRP
Non-clinical R&D, Research, Bench Testing, Sales and Teaching.

Sell Your Products

Sell your unneeded products to Medical Materials

Medical Materials was founded with the idea to recycle medical products and give them a second life. Rather than throwing away your unneeded inventory, we will purchase them and turn your trash back into cash. We purchase various types of medical devices including but not limited to products from the EP Lab, Cath Lab, Radiology, Neurology, and Operating Room, as well as Vascular and Outpatient Centers.

The buyback program is simple and allows you to turn your trash back into cash. Contact us to confirm you have devices in our scope of interest. From there, box up the items and send them our way using our prepaid shipping labels. Your payment will be remitted within 5-7 business days of receiving your shipment. 

To receive an offer for your inventory, click here to download our form. Email the completed form to If you have any questions about which devices we purchase or already have a list of your inventory please email or call 877-663-8686.

We work with hospitals and organizations around the country helping locations of all sizes and types. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and pride ourselves on our integrity and honesty.